RealtyPress Premium V1.3.0 Update

RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.3.0 contains ten additions, six updates and three optimizations.

Added: Advanced options tab to RealtyPress=>System page.
Added: Option to disable thumbnail image downloads.
** Thumbs are not required with RealtyPress v1.3.0+ templates **

Added: Option to disable “From:” and “Reply-To:” headers when sending mail.
Added: Option to always load shortcode JS.
Added: Disabling of Leaflet hash js code when library is disabled.
Added: Disabling of Leaflet history js code when library is disabled.
Added: Clean Up Database cron script admin/cron/cleanup-database.php.
Added: Clean Up Missing Images script admin/cron/cleanup-missing-images.php.
Added: Upgrade Database script admin/cron/upgrade-database.php, for large populated databases.
Added: Missing Image Cleanup to listing cleanup in debug.
Updated: Refactored table col character limits on all tables.
Updated: Licensing check and activation to be WP 4.6.1 compatible.
Updated: Domain parameter to false in set_cookie.
Updated: Listing Data Cleanup on debuge page to include orphaned posts.
Updated: Listing Data Cleanup on debuge page to include images with missing images.
Updated: Rooms table on mobile to hide headers and columns.
Removed: Events from table and templates.
Optimized: Syncing of DDF data, reduced number of local mysql queries and other refactors.
Optimized: Handling of agent and office data during syncs to reduce redundancy.
Optimized: Flushing of wpdb to improve memory usage during syncs.