V1.5.0 Child Template Updates


RealtyPress v1.5.0 is the first version that has required changes to the default template files since v1.0.0. If you created a child of RealtyPress template files pre v1.5.0 they will need to be updated to support some of the new features in v1.5.0. We have provided the following guide to help you update your child…

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DDF® Data Response Testing

Desctop screenshot (1)

The following tests will confirm what data is being provided in your CREA DDF® data feed. Sometimes images are not returned in the DDF® and/or data can be missing required data such as the properties <Address> payload. These tests will show what is being provided to your website or if the data exists at all.  Because these tests…

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RealtyPress Premium V1.4.0 Update


RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.4.0 contains six updates, twelve additions and three fixes. Added: Agreement parameter to [rps-listings] for toggling of the agreement display. Added: Master list check, if master list is empty syncing is halted. Added: Condominium checkbox to search forms. Added: Pool checkbox to search forms. Added: WaterFront checkbox to search forms.…

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RealtyPress Premium V1.3.4 Update


RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.3.4 contains four updates and two fixes. Updated: Price sort to include both Price and Lease columns. Updated: Price sql to include Lease values as well. Updated: Admin renewal notice. Updated: Debug listing cleanup function. Fixed: Hiding of Open House on default listing archive filter form. Fixed: Custom class in vertical…

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RealtyPress Premium V1.3.3 Update


RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.3.3 contains four additions, seven updates, once fix, and two optimizations. Added: Grid and List Ribbon for “for sale or rent” listings. Added: Indexes to BuildingType, BusinessType, TransactionType, Type, Province. Added: Street_address option to listings carousel widget. Added: Purging of logs 30 days or older to debug page and cron…

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