Realtor® & Developer


The developers at RealtyPress really know what they're doing.

Not only have they created a unique and well designed plugin but they offer incredible support as well.

They've not only helped support their plugin but also suggested fixes to general WordPress and hosting issues.

- Justin Wright

A simply amazing product. Very well put together and fairly easy to use. Documentation is robust enough to cover most issues, and the people working support are very prompt on issues not covered by documentation.

This plugin has opened many doors to me as a front-end developer. Getting my hands on a CREA licensed feed without any serious coding work is a godsend.

I will be recommending this plugin to any of my peers working similar projects.

- Sean Graham

I've used another Canadian-made listing plug-in before finding RealtyPress and this is by far the best. Support has been great at answering my questions and helping.

- Jason Pottelberg

I'm a Realtor working in the Niagara Region, I came across this amazing Plugin after searching for a Canadian plugin for my real estate site.

The customer support was off the chart ! The Plugin exceeded my expectations, and was blown way with the Customer Support !

- Kris Vreck

After trying another couple of plugins before finding RealtyPress, I can say without a doubt that RealtyPress is simply the best DDF plugin out there.

Fast, efficient, reliable, and aesthetically appealing are the comments I get from clients that use my website to search for properties.

You can't go wrong with RealtyPress.

- Peter Kalicki

Fantastic plugin, with great support!

- Jennifer Cooper

Good customer service, always hear back right away.

- Carrie Poyser

So far my website has giving my clients important information, they have indicated they like the ease of using my website and have recommended it many of their friends and family.

- Kim Knowell

Very happy with value for money and ease of use.

- Brett Adamson

RealtyPress Premium is great - easy to set up, blends in nicely with my WordPress theme, and has excellent features. Support is good, too!

- Jen Morgan

RealtyPress is an effective and efficient DDF integration.

- Richard Rudy

A great program that is relatively easy to setup and works perfectly.

From a webmaster point of view.

- Roger Abraham

I love how the information gets downloaded to our website.
Once we figured out the information from the DDF feed things ran smoothly.

- Maxx Scholz


The plugin is pretty good. Probably the best available for DDF/Wordpress integration.

- Rick Orford


So easy to use! Great product for a great price!

- Laura Smith


Great product, very simple to use, good layout and user friendly.

- Paul McDonald