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WordPress Plugin for CREA DDF

Automated DDF® Updates

Your website is updated automatically with the latest data from CREA every 24 hours at the minimum,  ensuring accurate data is being displayed on your website.

Premium Support

We're here to help and guide you with 24/7 support, contact our expert staff with your RealtyPress issues, and access our customer only support forums.

CREA Compliant

Compliant with CREA Data Distribution Feed Policies and Rules.  Developed by CREA DDF® Registered Technology Providers.

Search Engine Optimized

All HTML that the RealtyPress outputs is semantically appropriate and valid. The use of schema tags adds extra visibility to your pages on Google.

Widgets & Shortcodes

Widgets and shortcodes provide the ability to create dynamic content with RealtyPress.  Create filtered carousels, sliders, listing results and more on any post or page.

Interactive Mapping

User friendly interactive map search, making for a robust user experience. When users find your site easy and friendly to use they keep coming back.

Social Media Integration

Allow users to share your real estate listings on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Let your users bring traffic to your site for you!

Geocoding API

RealtyPress Premium includes access to our Geocoding API for location services.  You can still opt to use Google or Geocod.io if you prefer to use a third party but each license does  include access to our Geocoding services..

WalkScore® Integration

Walk Score provides a numerical walkability score for addresses. WalkScore algorithm awards points based on the distance to the closest amenity in each category.

Responsive Design

All RealtyPress pages are fully responsive to cater to the many screen sizes and devices in use today. 70% of mobile searches lead to online action within an hour.

Twitter Bootstrap

RealtyPress page templates are built on Twitter Bootstrap, a popular framework consisting of tools for creating advanced web applications.