How to setup a CREA DDF® feed at RealtorLink®

Creating a CREA DDF listing feed is easy!

This is a “How to” guide to help you set up a new CREA DDF® Data Feed for your RealtyPress Premium CREA DDF® WordPress plugin install.

When setting up your  CREA DDF® Data Feed you will be guided by the DDF® Data Feed Wizard.

1. Go to the DDF® web application at click on the
Data Feed icon to get to the Data Feeds page. You will be prompted to login first if you are not already.

2. On the “Data Feeds” Page, click on the “Add a Data Feed” button to go to the DDF® Data Feed Wizard.

3. You will be presented with a guided set of steps to help you create your CREA DDF® Data Feed. First we need to choose the type of CREA DDF® Data Feed we would like to create.

National Shared Pool as a Data Feed Type gives you access to thousands of listings that have been contributed by Brokerage Owners across the country, you can filter those listings by boards, property types, postal codes, price, sale or rent, etc.  This is the most common selection, be sure not to set your filters appropriately so you are not pulling more listings than your server can handle.  Most users of RealtyPress Premium filter by their board.

Member Website Feed – My Listings as a Data Feed Type gives you access to all the Listing Content that belongs to you.  Choose this selection if you want only your listings to appear on your site.

Member Website Feed – One or More Offices as a Data Feed Type allows Brokerage Owners and Salespeople, with their Brokerage Owner permission, to pull a feed containing all the listing content belonging to one or more offices in their Brokerage.

4. Now that we’ve created the feed we need to Identify who will operate the Data Feed.  Select the “I will not be engaging a 3rd Party Technology Provider to operate my Data Feed.” radio button.

5. Next we’ll provide the Technical Contact Information for your Data Feed.  Your contact information should already be filled out, if not provide the requested details.

6. We now need to provide the URL of the website that will be connecting to the CREA DDF® Data Feed.  This will be the url of the site you have RealtyPress Premium installed on.

7. We’re ready to filter our feed, select the “I want to use filters to limit the listings provided by the Data Feed” radio button.

8. Set the appropriate filters to customize the listing content contained in your Data Feed to meet your needs,  most realtors simply choose their board, but this depends on your needs.  Once filters are set click the “Click to review your Data Feed before Saving it” button.

9. Review the Data Feed Summary of your CREA DDF® Data Feed settings for errors, and read the Data Distribution Facilities Terms of Use.  When you’ve finished reviewing the Data Feed Summary and Terms of Use, click the “Click Here to Agree to the Terms of Use and Save your Data Feed” button.

Your feed has been created.  The username and password will be emailed to the email address specified in the “Technical Contact Information” email field in number of 5 of this guide.

If you’ve received your username and password you can go to your RealtyPress Premium admin and enter the details.  Instructions regarding RealtyPress Premium configuration can be found in our documentation, which is available in the WordPress admin at RealtyPress => Support => Documentation

If you have any questions or require further assistance with your CREA DDF® Data Feed, please contact CREA member support at: