RealtyPress Premium V1.5.7 Update

RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.5.7 contains one addition, six updates, and four fixes.

Added: Handling for city names with “St.”, “St”, or “Saint” to match all.
Updated: Listing sort by newest and oldest to include listing contract date value in order.
Updated: SizeInterior formatting to remove decimal points if in the value.
Updated: CREA_phRETS class to handle some LargePhoto requests that return a 400 code.
Updated: Migration of previous API key to separate API keys.
Updated: English US language file.
Updated: ScrollTo JS with and offset of 150.
Fixed: Display of office details on single listings when full width view is enabled.
Fixed: Utility warning in admin when viewing single listing.
Fixed: Setting new listing to draft status.
Fixed: Bing maps V8 error.