RealtyPress Premium V1.3.3 Update

RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.3.3 contains four additions, seven updates, once fix, and two optimizations.

Added: Grid and List Ribbon for “for sale or rent” listings.
Added: Indexes to BuildingType, BusinessType, TransactionType, Type, Province.
Added: Street_address option to listings carousel widget.
Added: Purging of logs 30 days or older to debug page and cron sync.
Updated: Ribbon color for “for rent” to a distinct color.
Updated: RealtyPress admin footer to only display on RealtyPress pages.
Updated: All references as Favorite to Favourite (canadian spelling).
Updated: Map location search geocoding call to include configured API key.
Updated: Unix cron commmand example.
Updated: MLS footer columns.
Updated: Enabled disabling thumbnail image downloads by default on
new installs or existing installs with no child theme in use.

Optimized: Distinct drodown value sql query.
Optimized: Grid, List and Map queries.
Fixed: Single listing zoom value to honour value set in admin.