RealtyPress Premium V1.2.4 Update

RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin v1.2.4 brings some great new features to enhance your real estate website further.

Added: Support for AlternateURL DDF field

The AlternatURL DDF field contains up to 5 additional listing fields.   This allow your Video / Virtual Tour, Brochure, Audio, and Additional Photos to be linked to.  If your Video / Virtual Tour is a YouTube video it will be automatically embedded in the listing page below the listing description.

The following have been added to RealtyPress templates.  If you created a child theme prior to v1.2.4 you will need to update your property-single-view.php child.

  • AlternateURL Video / Virtual Tour link in single listing.
  • Automatic embedding of Video / Virtual Tour YouTube video links in single listing.
  • AlternateURL Brochure link in single listing.
  • AlternateURL Audio link in single listing.
  • AlternateURL Photos link in single listing.
  • AlternateURL Map link in single listing.

Added: Support for RealtyPress Amazon S3 Storage Plugin

RealtyPress has it’s first add-on plugin and it’s the Amazon S3 Storage Plugin.   This allows you to offload all listing, agent, and office images to a specified Amazon S3 bucket.

Updated: City parameter in searches to include a wildcard *

You can now include wildcards in any city field, search forms, or shortcodes.

Updated: DDF Neighbourhood overwrites, geo data Neighbourhood

If DDF data returned neighbourhood data, do not set returned GeoCoding neighbourhood.

Updated: DDF CommunityName overwrites, geo data CommunityName

If DDF data returned community name data, do not set returned GeoCoding community name.

Updated: Map popup size on devices < 480px

Map popup size optimized for 480px or less.

Updated: Map popup to stack on devices < 320px.

Map popup now stacks at 320 px or less.

Updated: Appliances column length to 255.

Updated  theAppliances column length to 255 characters from 128.

Updated: Features column length to 255.

Updated the Appliances column length to 255 characters from 128.