RealtyPress Premium Amazon S3 Storage Plugin

We’ve released our first add-on for RealtyPress to help users offload their DDF® images to an Amazon S3 account.  Storage on a web server can be expensive where as Amazon S3 is quite cheap and can hold any amount of data.  Amazon S3 Storage is a paid service, which is billed by usage so you only pay for what you use.

RealtyPress Premium Amazon S3 Storage offloads all images downloaded from the CREA DDF® during a RealtyPress Premium sync to Amazon S3 Storage. RealtyPress image URL’s are automatically updated to serve all images from the set bucket.

Amazon S3 Storage alleviates web hosting file storage limits allowing you to sync as many listings as you like, even if you’re on shared hosting.

We recommend that users of the RealtyPress Premium Amazon S3 Storage Plugin already know what Amazon S3 storage is and how to use it.  Already have or are signing up for an Amazon AWS S3 account and are aware that it is a paid service.