RealtyPress Premium CREA DDF Plugin for WordPress

RealtyPress Premium WordPress CREA DDF® Plugin revolutionizes the way REALTORS® and Brokerages market their properties online, and opens new doors to gain exposure, traffic, and search engine visibility.

RealtyPress Premium is a professional, compliant, customizable, and robust WordPress plugin which display's Personal, Office, or National shared listings on your website. In the past listings had to be entered manually, with RealtyPress Premium your listings are automatically fed to your site from the Canadian Real Estate Association's Direct Data Feed and are updated every 24 hours.


1.) CREA Membership
2.) WordPress v3.9+
3.)  PHP v5.3+ / cURL v7.19.7+
4.) MySQL 5.0+
5.) Mod_rewrite Apache Module

Hosting resource requirements are directly related to the number of listings being synced.
We estimate that 1,000 listings require up to 1GB of disk space and 75,000 inodes.

1 - 3,500 Listings | 512MB  RAM / 1 CPU Core
3,500 - 13,000 Listings | 1GB  RAM / 1 CPU Core
13,000 - 50,000 Listings | 2GB  RAM / 2 CPU Core
50,000 - 100,000 Listings | 3GB  RAM / 2 CPU Core
100,000 - 150,000 Listings | 4GB  RAM / 4 CPU Core / Dedicated MySQL Instance

Premium Gooogle Geocoding is required for a listing count above 20,000.


WordPress Managed hosting providers generally do not include a Unix cron in a hosting management app such as cPanel. They also gnerelly do not allow you to set your own max_execution time to allow WordPress cron to run for a longer period of time. These limits create a limited run time per day and ultimately limits the number of listings that can be imported in that limited run time. .