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DDF® Data Response Testing

The following tests will confirm what data is being provided in your CREA DDF® data feed.

Sometimes images are not returned in the DDF® and/or data can be missing required data such as the properties <Address> payload. These tests will show what is being provided to your website or if the data exists at all.  Because these tests are being run directly on the DDF® feed, it removes RealtyPress from being the cause of the missing photos and/or listings.


Before being able to run any test url’s we need to login to the DDF.

You can login by clicking the link below and entering the username and password for the DDF feed you would like to test.  Your username and password were sent to you via email after you created the feed, the credentials will be long alphanumeric values, for example;username: 09kq0493ewkg09ke0rskdsgv0
password: kd420dj3nevmsg45m4mwjs0w5
Do not use the above credentials they are for example purposes only.


Presuming that you are now logged in you can run any of the tests below.


Get Master List

RealtyPress not importing a listing you think it should be?

The first thing to confirm is that your feed is providing the listing you believe is missing. We can do this by viewing the master list and searching it for the properties ListingID, if found it confirms that the feed is providing the data if not found it indicates that the feed is not providing the listing.

The returned master list contains the ListingID and LastUpdated timestamp for all listings that exist in the feed.


Get Listing

RealtyPress not importing a listing that is found in the Master List?
You can see a listing failing in a debug sync or the logs?

This will test the Listing response from the DDF to be sure that the appropriate data is being provided for import. RealtyPress will skip importing a listing if the response does not contain an address for the property, randomly on some feeds this seems to pop up here an there.

Replace the ListingID in the url below with the ListingID of the property you would like to test. When the XML data loads for the property search for <Address>. There should be 2 found, one for the listing office address and another for the properties address. If only one is found it confirms that the address data is not being provided by the DDF and therfore RealtyPress cannot import with vital address information missing.

http://data.crea.ca/Search.svc/Search?Format=Standard-XML&SearchType=Property&Class=Property&QueryType=DMQL2&Culture=en-CA&Query=(ID=12345678) The ListingID is not the MLS number it’s separate identifier.
If your not sure the what the ListingID is you can find it by viewing the listing on Realtor.ca.
The ListingID of the property can be found in the URL as shown below in bold, this is the number to search in the master list.


Get Photos

Realtypress not importing existing property photos?
Agent missing image or office missing a logo?

This will test the Listing Photo response from the DDF to be sure that the photos are being provided for import.
# Listing Photos

Replace the ListingID in the url below with the ListingID of the property you would retrieve photos for. Some photo queries return “Object Not Found” which indicates that feed is not providing the photos for import which is why RealtyPress cannot import. Get all Medium Photos
http://data.crea.ca/Object.svc/GetObject?Resource=Property&Type=Photo&ID=12345678:* Get all Large Photos
# Agent Photos

You can also test an agents photo, repalce AgentID (bolded) with the AgentID to test. Get Large Photo
http://data.crea.ca/Object.svc/GetObject?Resource=Agent&Type=LargePhoto&ID=12345 Get Thumbnail Photo
# Office Logo
Get Thumbnail Photo