Product Updates

RealtyPress Premium V1.8.6 Update

Added: Automatic embedding of Matterport 3D virtual tours. 🥳 🎉Added: [rps-listing-carousel] mls alias for listing_id parameter.Added: [rps-listing-slider] listing_id alias for listing_ids parameter.Updated: MaintenanceFeeType column to allow up to 200 characters.Updated: Amperage column to allow up to 50 characters.Updated: Print media CSS to accommodate DDF CDN background images.Optimized: CREA DDF image downloads.Fixed: Stripping of leading and […]

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RealtyPress Premium V1.8.5 Update

WordPress MLS Plugin

Added: New method of downloading agent photos from the DDF CDN. 🥳 🎉Added: New method of downloading office photos from the DDF CDN. 🥳 🎉Added: New method of downloading listings photos from the DDF CDN. 🥳 🎉Updated: RealtyPress Geocoding limit to 7,000/day.Updated: Facebook shared link to open in new window.Removed: GetObject queries related to downloading

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RealtyPress Premium V1.8.4 Update

Added: Live Stream Open House support.Added: DDF CDN support for agent images.Added: DDF CDN support for office logos.Added: Responsive heights CSS to listing slider shortcode.Added: Keyword options to search forms.Updated: Remote image exist check disabled if DDF CDN is enabled.Fixed: Saint John prefixes when searching.Fixed: Hooks in sidebar templates.Fixed: City dropdown set selected bug.Fixed: Office

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RealtyPress Premium V1.8.2 Update

Added: Added num_columns parameter to [rps-listing] shortcode.Added: Added max_results parameter to [rps-listing] shortcode.Added: Added per_page parameter to [rps-listing] shortcode.Added: Automatic enabling of DDF CDN for new installations.Added: Blacklist/Whitelist support for city names containing commas.Fixed: Handling of trailing commas in agent_id & office_id parameters.Fixed: Minor bugs.Removed: CREA disclaimer from listing results.

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RealtyPress Premium V1.7.9 Update

Added: Option to disable medium image downloads, leaving only large images to be downloaded and displayed.Added: Support for RealtyPress Premium S3 Storage v1.0.1.Added: Construction Style to search form widget.Updated: Geocoding calls use CURL only.Fixed: MotoPress Page Builder conflict.Fixed: Listings becoming scheduled upon import due to timezone differences.

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RealtyPress Premium V1.7.7 Update

Added: New required CREA powered by badge and statement containing link to listing and CREA.Added: Support for searching of ConstructionStyleAttachment column referred to as Construction Style.Added: Construction Style search input to listing archive forms and form shortcodes.Added: construction_style parameter to rps-listings shortcode.Added: Parameter construction_style alias building_features to rps-listings shortcode.Added: construction_style parameter to rps-listing-carousel.Updated: Total

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