DDF® Data Response Testing

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The following tests will confirm what data is being provided in your CREA DDF® data feed. Sometimes images are not returned in the DDF® and/or data can be missing required data such as the properties <Address> payload. These tests will show what is being provided to your website or if the data exists at all.  Because these tests…

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How many listings are in my DDF® feed?


Whenever you create a new feed and are preparing to sync your data it’s best to check how many listings your feed is currently returning.  This confirms your receiving the expected amount of listings and that your filters are set correctly. If your feed is returning approx. 140,000 listings than your syncing all listings Canada wide.  The…

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How to setup a CREA DDF® feed at RealtorLink®


This is a “How to” guide to help you set up a new CREA DDF® Data Feed for your RealtyPress Premium CREA DDF® WordPress plugin install. When setting up your  CREA DDF® Data Feed you will be guided by the DDF® Data Feed Wizard. 1. Go to the DDF® web application at http://tools.realtorlink.ca/Distribution/ click on…

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